Adopt a Dolphin

A great way to contribute to the research and conservation of marine mammals in Israel

For the first time in Israel – project “Adopt a Dolphin”. 17 out of the tens of identified bottlenose dolphins living off the Israeli coastline are now available for adoption. By adopting one of these dolphins, you too can actively support the continuation of dolphin research, and enable us to learn more about the dolphin you have adopted, and the rest of the population occupying the coastal habitat.

Dolphins can be uniquely identified from a profile picture of their dorsal fin, which is somewhat like the dolphin’s “fingerprint”. This non-invasive method, known as photo-identification, is one of the most basic and important dolphin research tools, used all over the world, and it enables us to collect a lot of information on individuals as well as on the groups they live in.

The photos are taken during the dolphin population surveys conducted regularly by the IMMRAC research team, using our research boat IMMRAC-1 and other yachts courtesy of their owners. All fin photos are matched against photos that have already been collated in a catalogue of individuals, and each time there is an authenticated new identification, an original nickname is given (please note that it is not usually possible to identify the dolphin’s gender).

List of dolphins up for adoption

For a contribution of $100 or more, you will receive a photo of your adopted dolphin and an elegant adoption certificate. If you are a class of pupils, the whole class can adopt a dolphin for $200 and more. The money is a donation to IMMRAC, and will be dedicated to upgrading its resources and thereby furthering its educational, conservation and research goals. For an immediate and secure online adoption use the following PayPal link:

Contact Information

All inquiries about project information can be made directly to the Adopt A Dolphin Project at the University of Haifa.

Adopt A Dolphin Project
University of Haifa
Haifa 31905

NAME: Sharon Naim or Aviad Scheinin
Telephone: +972 (54) 550-0152
Fax from Abroad: +972 (4) 824-0493

Tax deductible donations can also be made payable to:

In the United States

American Society of the University of Haifa
(Attn: Adopt A Dolphin Project)
220 Fifth Avenue, Suite #1301
New York, NY 10001

U.S. Regional Contacts
National Office, New York: Ms. Tali Yallon,

In Canada

Canadian Friends of Haifa University
(Attn: Adopt a Dolphin Project)
400 Walmer Road, Suite #1921
Toronto, ON M5P 2X7

National Office, Toronto: Ms. Hetty Shapiro,

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