Cetacean Species Guide for Israel

Applies to species, individuals of which have either been sighted offshore or have beached in an apparently good nutritional status.

Cetaceans of the Mediterranean continental shelf

Presented in descending order of body size:

  • Sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus
  • Minke whale Balaenoptera acutorostrata
  • Cuvier’s beaked whale Ziphius cavirostris
  • False killer whale Pseudorca crassidens
  • Risso’s dolphin Grampus griseus
  • Common bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncates
  • Rough-toothed dolphin Steno bredanensis
  • Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin Sousa chinensis
  • Short-beaked Common dolphin Delphinus delphis
  • Striped dolphin Stenella coeruleoalba
  • Mediterranean Monk Seal Monachus monachus

Cetaceans of the Gulf of Eilat-Aqaba

Absent from the Mediterranean:

  • Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin Tursiops aduncus
  • Pantropical spotted dolphin Stenella attenuata
  • Long-snouted spinner dolphin Stenella longirostris

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